Kate will be ON AIR on 12/23 and taking callers!

We were going to break for Christmas and New Year’s starting this Sunday but with all that’s been happening we have decided to get some of our BEST experts to talk about the Connecticut tragedy and others, what we should be looking at now and the direction we should be taking.

My guests will be Retired LT Col David Grossman author of “Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill”, “On Combat”, “On Killing” and “Bullet Proof Mind”. He is a former Army Ranger and a West Point Pscyh Proffessor. Massad Ayoob author of “In the Gravest Extreme”, “The Truth about Self Protection”, “Gun Proof your Children” and writer in Backwoods Home magazine and others. And someone from Gunsite … all to talk about things like children and violent video games, personal responsibility, school security, training our educators to be first responders and the Israeli model.

We will take a limited amount of calls but please be patient!

Numbers to call in are 602-277-5369 / 866-536-1100

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One comment on “Kate will be ON AIR on 12/23 and taking callers!

  1. This was an amazing line up. The depth of knowledge in insight from these three was great. Massad talking about educating and arming the educators and historical background and Buz Mills of Gunsite setting up Crisis Management for Educators training and where do we go next… And finishing off with Lt Col Dave Grossman discussing violent movies and video games and the impact they have on our kids… he is the author of “Stop teaching our kids to Kill” and then about educating our educators to be first responders. They were outstanding… if you missed the show go to the archives. Merry Christmas!!

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