What happened to personal responsibility?

I don’t really know where to begin on this one … BUT like most of you I’ve listened to people talking about all the reasons why, this disturbed person massacred 26 people in the Sandy Hook School this past week. It’s the guns… It’s a mental health issue… It’s the video games… What ever happened to personal responsibility?

Here’s a young man that was known to have issues. A young man who tried to purchase a gun for himself and refused to go through the background check. If not for his mother’s weapons the system would have worked and stopped him from getting a gun. And that brings more questions… if he was known to have issues was his mother in denial?

I’m a firm believer in passing on our 2nd Amendment rights to our children and grandchildren but before passing it on we made sure they were mature enough and capable of understanding the responsibility and severity of the consequences involved in this right. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our equipment is locked away until it’s appropriate to use.

In this case, if the stories are correct, more parental responsibility may have been called for, less access, more security maybe… but it’s easy to fall into the trap of sitting in judgement. I was brought up not to judge until I could “walk a mile in their shoes” as my mother would say. This lady died at the hands of her beloved son… and that’s a very sad epitaph indeed. But, in this case, so did 26 other people, 20 of them children.

The debate goes on… guns or no guns, high capacity magazines would have prevented some of the deaths or not, video games and violent movies need to be monitored, mental health checks or privacy? Everyone has an opinion but a lot of the answers come down to do we want the government to manage our lives or have the personal responsibility to manage ourselves? Do we want to maintain soft target areas for predator’s determined to do damage or do we want to make sure there are sheepdogs to protect our greatest resources… our children. Government or Liberty? I choose liberty and personal responsibility…what do you choose?

Hopefully some of the guests that I have on in the next 2 Sunday shows will help to answer those questions and more… Experts, professors, trainers, survivors and all liberty loving Americans. Don’t forget to join me on 12/23 and 12/30… our guests will accept call ins and you can ask your questions too.

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One comment on “What happened to personal responsibility?

  1. Abigail Villodas on said:

    As always Kate, thanks for being a voice of reason in a sea of insanity! Love the show today, 12/23/2012.

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