Is New York losing its mind?

july4Now I ask this question not as a Boston kid and Red Sox fan but as a concerned American. I heard on Neil Cavuto today that New York is proposing to make Illegal immigrants NY State Citizens. Yup that’s right… NY State Citizens! I couldn’t believe it so I had to learn more and there in the Erin Durkin writes:

“Undocumented immigrants in New York could become “state citizens” with a slew of benefits from driver’s licenses to voting rights under a bill to be introduced Monday.

Advocates are set to announce the measure that would allow immigrants who aren’t U.S. citizens to become New York State citizens if they can prove they’ve lived and paid taxes in the state for three years and pledge to uphold New York laws — regardless of whether they’re in the country legally.”

I think they are officially nuts with this one but then, of course, this is the State where Governor Andrew Cuomo boldly declared that “Confiscation (of guns) is an option…” But we understood that was just his rabid fear of gun owners AKA Hoplophobia and his small minded agenda spewing out.

Durkin continues:

“People who secured state citizenship would be able to vote in state and local elections and run for state office. They could get a driver’s license, a professional license, Medicaid and other benefits controlled by the state. Immigrants would also be eligible for in-state tuition and financial aid.”

Of course, according to the bill’s sponsor Sen Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx), it would not grant them the right to vote in Federal elections… OH WAIT! Who’s checking the ID’s to make sure? What no ID’s? Well then that will work won’t it?

But this is not only crazy it’s not legal! There is a path for citizenship that many people followed to become American Citizens, my mother followed it and so too have millions of other naturalized citizens. What makes these illegals immigrants better than those who follow the rule of law? Well we know that answer… nothing… except the long term fact that with their State and Local voting rights it tips the scale of power towards the Democrats who sponsor this in NY. And let’s not forget that NY is in one of the most powerful States in the Country.

When will it end? New Yorkers – Conservatives, Independents and gun owners… you’d better be voting these bums out of office and stop this madness dead in its tracks… before we hit the point of no return.

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