PDWarehouse PDW-15: The perfect choice for your AR needs


Let’s talk about AR-15’s. I know, I know everybody has one and there are a ton of manufacturer’s out there… BUT I want to talk about quality equipment.

There is a small shop in Chandler, Arizona that is very quietly building a high quality AR. This piece of equipment functions flawlessly, has clean lines and is manufactured in Arizona… Even the receiver boldly states “Built in Chandler, AZ”.

The company, PDWarehouse (Personal Defense Warehouse), has been manufacturing and building AR’s for some time and they have a base model that is utilized by officers in various parts of the country.

PDW-15 Government

The PDW-15 Government model is the basis for many of their custom guns and their latest Centurion model that looks to be an amazing addition. It starts with a multi caliber lower and a full length modular quad rail and low profile steel gas block (no A-frame for these beauties) upper. The only items not made at PDW are the FNH bolt carrier group and any specialty stocks, grips or optics you choose. The basic barrel is 16” with 1:8 RH twist, chrome moly vanadium melonite and it comes with a factory Colt magazine and soft tactical bag.

This base Government model MSRP is $1250. But wait you can dress it up to your hearts content and your credit cards limit. Or you could have it cut down for an SBR (short barrel rifle) or make it into a select fire (full auto) rifle; you could even have it built around your states limitations.

How does it shoot?

But what I want to talk about is the shooting experience. On a recent trip to Titusville I was able to experience this for myself with 2 of PDW’s offerings. The first was the base model PDW-15 Government model with a Riton Mod 3 1-4×24 with BDC (bullet drop compensation) scope on it.   Being all of 5 foot tall weight and balance are important to me but the 16” barrel on this AR allowed for great balance and ease of use. The scope was outstanding but the thing I noticed most was the trigger. All of PDW’s AR’s have Mil-Spec triggers that have been enhanced and they are exceptional. Most of my friends know that I am a real trigger junkie and this one fits the bill. It is smooth and not too light which helps with the accuracy of the shooting and this AR proved its worth.

The second offering was the SBR version with an amazing Elcan Specter DR 1.5 x 6 reticle with BDC scope on it. Again the trigger was exceptional and consistent with the first but the fit for my short build was great. The shortened barrel helped with the balance… and don’t let anyone tell you that your accuracy suffers with an SBR. The length of the barrel only impacts the accuracy at greater distances but as an entry gun or urban rifle this is the perfect choice. As a matter of fact I’m trying to figure out how to add one to my arsenal.

My Take

Just as a side note these two rifles had been shot by visitors to the range at American Police Hall of Fame all weekend long… they had not been cleaned and only had a single failure based on poorly reloaded ammunition that someone decided to try in the guns. To me that speaks of great durability.


Understanding that there are many AR-15 offerings out there today I have to say that this would be a first pick for me based off quality of manufacturing, build and function, durability, and of course the shooting experience. As you look for a company that will build you a quality AR give PDWarehouse in Chandler, AZ a look.

Photos by Brian Kovacs PDWarehouse


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