Where are the Conservatives

Where are the conservatives, those true constitutionalists who believe in this country? Where are the smaller government leaders that will make the greatest impact? I ask these questions because the GOP has been handing us another line of bull about … Continue reading

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What is Veteran’s Day?

The NRA wrote Veterans Day Tribute today and it starts: “Peace is predicated upon the good will, good nature, and general goodness of mankind. Thus, war and conflict have been used to settle what goodness alone could not. Our history as … Continue reading

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Happy 238th Birthday to the USMC!!!

Today is the 238th BIRTHDAY of the USMC.  Semper Fidelis – More than a motto, its a way  of life it’s Latin for “always faithful,” and became the Marine Corps motto in 1883. It guides and reminds Marines to stay … Continue reading

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The Journey of Training

Today on the show I talked about training and I thought I’d share that here with you… you all know that not only do I believe very strongly in the 2nd Amendment and that I love firearms, shooting, competing and … Continue reading

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Terminology … who is the Sovereign?

I did this piece on the show today and thought I would pass it on here. Now I do use this term often but as Alan Korwin suggested maybe I should leave off the citizen and just use Sovereign… but … Continue reading

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Are we insensitive?

I did this piece last Sunday and will be discussing further with Alan Korwin tomorrow… I think it bears repeating… Enjoy!! Gun rights organizations are being accused of insensitivity on the anniversary of Sandy Hook Massacre…  To the anti-gun groups … Continue reading

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What is Independence Day?

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Well I know what it meant in 1776… the United States declared its independence from the tyrannical reign of the Kingdom of Great Britain. But the question I have is what Independence Day 2013 means? With the attacks on our … Continue reading

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They want our guns!!!

61-38 the filibuster is shot down (excuse the pun) and the debate begins… 16 of those 61 were Republicans. Those that are supposed to be conservatives that stand up for the US Constitution and smaller government… NOT these Republicans. These 16 are … Continue reading

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Contact your Lawmakers at the NRA-ILA


We cannot remain the silent majority and win this fight… Write NOW… It is imperative that we let them know that we DO NOT want any more gun control. None of the proposed legislation that is on the table today would have prevented the recent tragedies in Connecticut or Colorado or for that matter anywhere… It is only designed to make criminals of law abiding gun owners.

We need everyone’s help in this fight so act now!! Write Today!!

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HELP!!! “Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act 2013″ S.649 IS NOT what they say it is…!!

AZCDL sent out this email and I went through the bill to verify what the proposed legislation has in store… This is NOT just about simple background checks for any sale of firearms … it is so much more. They … Continue reading

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